IBM is on my watchlist.

  • High dividend yield >5%.
  • Serve some of the largest, most stable businesses in the world.
  • Work field in more than 100 countries.
  • New CEO Arvind Krishna
  • Red Hat buy pays off.


This year the new CEO Arvind Krishna started. The previous CEO, Ginni Rometty, quits after 8 years, where the stock decreased 25% since her start.
Arvind Krishna was resposible for R&D within IBM.

While IBM lacks the "cool" factor of some other players in the Cloud Top 10, IBM’s strengths in AI, cybersecurity, data management, integration, and multi-cloud management—not to mention its 90,000 cloud architects—give it a lot of power.


The dividend safety is beyond question. IBM’s business is as all weather as it gets. They serve some of the largest, most stable businesses in the world. They are hedged over hundreds of countries. They generate loads of cashflow. The yield is attractive both relative to history and relative to prospective dividend growth.

From the perspective of the dividend investor, IBM is attractive at current prices.

I remain bullish on IBM long term, as their position in their industry is strong, and while they were slow to transition, had to deal with a bad CEO in the past, the company is setting the stage to come out of the pandemic stronger than ever.